7 “Bra-burning” Feminism Myths Busted!

5 min readJun 24, 2021
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She gently pulled her bra out from under her shirt and threw it off enthusiastically, encouraging the “Freedom Trash Can” event. Would this be called bra-burning?

On 7th September 1968, a Miss America protest was witnessed against the Miss America beauty pageant. And from here the fabricated idea of “Bra-burning” feminism was triggered off. A large crowd of women gathered into the streets throwing off bras, mops, girdles, lipsticks, liners, etc. into a Freedom Trash Can, that was never set alight as stated by the organizers of the protest.

The aim was to significantly throw away the pessimistic beliefs that prevail to date in the world, which maltreats and harasses women.

Feminism never implied anti-men. The essence of feminism is pro-human. So, let’s bust out those widespread myths about bra-burning feminism!

Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your approval!

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1. Myth: Feminism Is All About “Only-women Superiority”

FACT: This is absolutely beyond belief. The heart of feminism is to knock down the discriminatory beliefs and laws regarding gender, race, caste, sexual orientation, unequal pay, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, slut-shaming, etc. Are these only-women affairs? Answer this to yourself.

Feminism aims to uproot the tyranny of genders that are not male. It does not intend to hatch a new tyranny.

2. Myth: Feminists Disrespect Religious Rituals, And Are Atheists

FACT: This is true by no stretch of the imagination. The issue isn’t with feminism but with some of the age-old social systems that have been forming a patricentric mindset that says all about male predominance in every aspect of life, be it political, economic, or social. This cannot be interpreted as giving up our religious beliefs.

In many countries including India, menstruating females were kept out of their homes in the past, often in a filthy and unhygienic room, where they had to stay throughout their periods. And it’s terrible that they couldn’t even use washrooms which their family members used. They had to do everything in the same murky room.

There will be no disrespect if people come up with religious perspectives that show equality and hospitality towards all genders.

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3. Myth: No Men Should Support Feminism As Its All About Women

FACT: Having such a perspective is extremely dreadful. Along with assuring equity to women, feminism also aspires to pull down the overworked ideas, allowing people of all genders to express themselves candidly.

If you care about the equality and peace of your mother, sister, wife, or any known female, then feminism should be significant to you. Moreover, feminism is also about the equality of all the discredited groups like LGBTQIA, disabled, racial minorities, etc. So being concerned about feminism implies being concerned for these group members as well.

4. Myth: Feminists Don’t Support Homemaking And Are Career-oriented Women

FACT: If a man wants to be a househusband and a woman wants to be career-oriented and go out for work, there shouldn’t be a point of issue. The motive isn’t to give a thumbs down to the conventional gender roles but to encourage free expression of oneself.

Men who are spirited and bothered about the circumstances of women can be feminists too. Those men can also be called feminists who raise the kids, share the household tasks, teach young boys respect and courtesy towards girls, etc.

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5. Myth: Feminists Are Bra-burning Extremists Who Are Against Make-up, Bra, Mops, Heels Etc

FACT: Throwing away bras, mops, girdles, heels, etc was just done to metaphorically symbolize freedom and equal rights for women. Feminism is all about giving women choices and considering those choices. It’s not at all about limiting their ways of self-expression. These symbols have been interpreted so hypocritically that even today many people hold very misleading perspectives about a woman’s dressing and work.

6. Myth: Feminists Are Lesbians. They Are Not Feminine.

FACT:This is very far from the truth. Feminists belong to different backgrounds and customs. It’s illogical and unwise to judge a person according to their sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion especially when they are fighting for the equality and freedom of the oppressed.

You also need to know the difference between sex and gender. Sex is either male or female. But gender is used to describe the characteristics of women and men that are socially constructed, whereas sex refers to those that are biologically determined.

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7. Myth: Feminists Are Against Marriage Knots.

FACT: No doubt most feminists are married. So definitely this statement is a myth. Feminists are against forcible marriages, marital rapes, and non-consensual sexual relationships. Anybody who is fair-minded and unbiased would support this, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation.

It’s disheartening to live in a society where sexual abuse and domestic violence are an old chestnut. People are so terrified for themselves and their loved ones that they don’t even take action when something is going wrong with an unknown or a nearby stranger.

If marriage or any relationship tends to restrict a woman of her essential rights, certainly feminists will raise their voice. Everyone has the right to decide autonomously regarding any aspect of their life, be it in connection with their sexual life, family, work, or social life.

Feminists respect conscious and sensible decisions and believe that there shouldn’t be duplicity in judging a person. We should always try to help anyone break through their barriers for academic, emotional, and behavioral success.

So yes, we need feminists whether females or males, to bring equity and integrity for both the sexes in political, economic, cultural, personal and social spheres.